Woman shouting, a metaphor for traditional marketing channels

62 Traditional Marketing Channels

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Newspaper Ads Ads or inserts
Magazine Ads Ads or inserts
TV Ads Standard commercials
Infomercials Long-form commercials
Radio Ads or Sponsorships Costs dependent on time ad is run, duration, and size of audience
In-Store Ads Discounts and incentives
Word of Mouth Unsolicited recommendations from person to person
Multi-Level Marketing Incentivizing people to develop networks of buyers and influencers
Postcards Another form of direct mail
Billboards Costs determined by square footage, foot traffic and/or car traffic
Sponsoring Other People’s Events Paying for display on billboards, pamphlets, and mentions in event talks
Sponsoring Your Own Event For example, Red Bull Games
Sponsoring Teams or Athletes Everything from national team sponsorships to logos on athletes’ clothes to local baseball teams
Branded Office Supplies / Swag Given to customers so they are seen by others
Brochures Trifolds or pamphlets
Flyers Single-page ads; companies exist to distribute them to cafes
Joint Ventures & Alliances Having another company’s reps sell your products in exchange for partner revenue
Telemarketing Cold calling from lists
Direct Mail Traditional spam mail
Press Releases Distributed to industry insiders and journalists
Featured Articles in Publications Newspaper or magazine articles that feature your company
CEO Interviews Brand exposure from interviews and quotes appearing in other articles
Tradeshows For exhibitors to display new products to buyers
Conferences Informational gathering for an industry with speakers and workshops
Conventions Gatherings geared towards fans more than vendors.
Posters Bills on walls
TV Product Placement Putting your product in a scene in a movie or TV show
Home Shopping Network Giving up a percentage of sales in exchange for exposure to a large audience of buyers
Professional Organizations Belong in an association is reflected in their mailers, directories, and PR
Business Cards These can be included in mailings as well as given out by hand
Sandwich Boards Either worn by barkers or placed on ground
Signage, Exterior Windows, awnings, etc.
Lamp Post Rolloups Canvas ads hung from street lamps and fixtures
Coupon Books E.g., ValPak — where your company takes advantage of someone else’s audience
Catalogs Industry catalogs sent to homeowners or businesses, with your products among others
Kiosks Small stores within larger stores or malls.
Barkers People that hawk your products on the street or at events
Aerial Ads Banners towed by airplanes or messages written in sky or on blimps
Cinema Ads Ads that play before the movie starts
Performance Sponsorships E.g., ads in theater playbills or dance showbills
Pop-Up Stores / Sidewalk Stores Taking advantage of exposure to foot traffic
Parade Floats Sponsorship or signs on the side of floats
Projected Ads on Smoke For outdoor areas, with large or spread-out crowds
Lasers Pointed Skyward Typically for nightclubs, drawing partiers to the source of the lasers
Elevator Ads Targeting white collar city workers in tall buildings
Airplane TV Ads Targeting large metropolitan areas
QR Codes Targeting people looking at another product or sign
Car Decals On company-owned cars, or paid drivers
Packaging Ads on the outside of packaging, typically upselling or cross-selling existing customers
Bus Ads Interior or exterior ads
Taxi Ads Video ads and interior posters and brochures advertising to travelers
Train Ads Interior and exterior poster ads
On-Hold Messaging Typically cross-selling or up-selling existing customers
Stickers Bumper stickers, computer stickers and other types
Refridgerator Magnets Typically for restaurants and local services
Buttons E.g., political ads
Table Tents Triangular ads used at restaurants, hotels, events or conferences
Hotel Room Booklets Advertising local attractions and restaurants
Zine Ads Smaller circulation, special-interest publications
Flags Tall flags that can be seen from far away
Yellow Pages Often in foreign languages for immigrants
Calendars Branded with company logo or visuals. Typically free.