Paid Ads for Training Companies

Google Ads

Our staff is certified in both Google Ads and Analytics. We have managed over $800k in Google Ads spend with conversion value of over $3M. The training industry has a particular profile when it comes to paid ads. We can show you:

  • Appropriate keyword targets
  • Compelling ad copy
  • Benchmarks: CTR, CPA, ROAS
  • Bidding strategies
Google ads screenshot
Facebook ads screenshot

facebook / Instagram Ads

For B2C training companies and vocational schools, we run Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns targeting audiences based on:

  • Your customer demographics (geographic, jobs, interests)
  • Custom audiences (retargeting your customer list)
  • “Lookalike” audiences (people similar to your customer list)

LinkedIn Ads

For business-to-business corporate training, LinkedIn ads can be an excellent choice. While they tend to be expensive, you can remarket (less expensively) to anyone that clicks on your ad. The targeting options on LinkedIn are compelling for B2B services:

  • Job titles: training manager, training coordinator, CEO, etc.
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Predictive audiences and audience expansion (similar to “lookalike audiences”
LinkedIn ads screenshot